Like sweets and keep track of healthy lifestyle? We have the great news for you!

Vegetarian desserts Svandy’s in branded packaging, which give you real satisfaction, now may be bought in supermarkets “Silpo” in Kiev at the following addresses:

Baseiina st., 6;
Honchara st., 96;
Obolonskii ave., 19;
Mishugy st., 4;
Pavla Tychyny st., 1B;
Sichovykh Striltsiv st., 37/41
Sportyvna square 1А;
Drahomyrova st., 16.

There have already been presented your most beloved desserts:

– Coconut biscuits/cookies 4 items
– Strawberry dessert 3 items
– Berry cake
– Honey cake
– Vienna cake

You can find our desserts in a refrigeration showcase.
The main marker is the sweets department (cakes and pastries).
Our healthy, delicate and vegetarian sweets will conquer you from the first piece taken!

How to find?

Look for such branded boxes in the confectionery department.

Like it? Order now!

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